Oh, zany personal canon where Dani and Marshall were together and happy. How I love thee.

Little quick Dani fic, then I'm finished for today. I promise.

TITLE: Dedication
FANDOM(S): Dani Reese (Dani/Marshall, with a hint of Dani/Charlie) (Life & My Name is Marshall)
DISCLAIMER: Not not mine.

'You dedicated a song to me.' )

Coming soon - a fic based on "Apache" by The Sugarhill Gang!
The Bible said, "let there be light", and along came Marshall Mann. Perhaps that's slightly sacrilicious, but I'm watching Big Brother, what do you expect?

Yes kids, it's My Name Is Marshall time, now with 100% more slings and his overall awesomeness/sexual prowess/love for boobs/pie/etc. Oh, and noir-esque lighting.

To paraphrase a bacon-lovin' NYPD detective, ''rawr''. )

Moral of the story: NEVER listen to women in devil costumes.

(And, as usual, [livejournal.com profile] firthgal has provided us with a (slightly) un-bias recap of this episode, sans Prince and other bad puns.)
As per usual, My Name is Marshall brought the LOLZ, the hot, the homages to Antonio Banderas films and the World's Most Boring B-Plot.

I could talk about the fact this show seems like it's written by a million monkeys at a million typewriters ("'it was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?!'"), but really:

...who the hell is here for the plot?

Gonna cut 'em right up in half )

Joey Lawrence's number one hit "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix" is playing.

Strangely, fitting.
Was going to post this tomorrow, then I remembered I had STOCKTAKE UGH, thus wouldn't have time, thus you get two posts. Lucky!

As for this monstrosity? Shut the hell up, Dani/Marshall is the new OTP. Represent!

TITLE: Traffic Lights
FANDOM(S): Dani Reese/Marshall Mann (Life and My Name is Marshall In Plain Sight)
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, whoevers

Her father hated the way he touched her leg under the table. )

They're just like Christmas, I swear!


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