Hawksley's got a new album, and one of the tracks made me think of those poor, unfortunate male souls that are a part of my OTPs. Hey, you've gotta kiss a lot of pidgeons before you get a swan, fellas.

TITLE: Kissing Girls You Shouldn't Kiss
FANDOM(S): Charlie Crews (Life), Carlton Lassiter (Psych), Bobby Goren (Criminal Intent), Roman (Life), Tommy Lynley (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries)
RATING: A nice solid M
DISCLAIMER: None of these characters are mine.

What time is is now? )
Christmas present post number three: [livejournal.com profile] aj, come on down!

She wanted Barbara and Tommy from The Inspector Lynley Mysteries at home. And I, being a Santa Claus-type (sans beard and red suit), obliged.

TITLE: Salvation By Ordinary Objects
FANDOM: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Tommy/Barbara
RATING: PG. It's Christmas!
DISCLAIMER: Not-not mine, not-not mine.

'Did you take the video back?' )

Now I unpack my bag and think of horrible work tomorrow, all while wearing a t-shirt and shortie underpants. Sigh. Merry Christmas, A.j.!


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