Date: 2012-05-04 03:54 pm (UTC)
actiaslunaris: Ouran - Tamaki, hugging Kyouya with all his limbs - text: *glomp* (*glomp*)
Such gorgeous covers for this mix! I have a particular fondness for music a lot of people would find trashy pop, but I've never really been bothered by what people think of my listening choices. Besides, this type of music exists because it's enjoyable and it doesn't need much more reason than that. There's a lot on this mix I'd never heard before, but they've become favorites now. I like listening to this as an exercise mix or a getting-housework-done mix. Some of the songs don't work for me, but I still appreciate how they work in the mix themselves, especially some of the slower songs. I have to smile at how you describe "Genie," though, as it came up in my random playlist today, and it prompted me to come leave you feedback to say, "Hey, there's one person here who completely agrees with you!" Thank you so much for making this!
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