Drive-by post! I'm trying to work my way into writing for Korean and Japanese drama fandoms, and used the [community profile] chromaticvision Drabblethon as a starting point to get into my favourite character's heads.

None of these drabbles are very good, natch, but I feel good to flex my writing muscles in fandoms I'm not entirely sure of yet. It's good practice for my Kaleidoscope fic!

Capital Scandal
Warm Whisky (Wan/Yeo-Kyung)

Sleep To Dream Her (Mayama/Shibata)

Keizoku 2: SPEC
2:53am (Toma{/Sebumi-ish})

Mooncake (Yamada/Ueda)

An actual update soon - I'm so behind on Fashion 70's and everything in general. But here's to writing again, huzzah!
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