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( Sep. 16th, 2012 01:43 pm)
Oh gosh, I cut it fine with my Kaleidoscope signup by an hour. Like a boss. Now - down to business!

Dear Doer of Darkness,

Thank you in advance for whatever magnificent wonderment you're about to send my way. I appreciate you taking the time to write for my prompts, and have no doubt I'll be ecstatic with anything you send my way.

My major no-gos are: non-con, unnecessary violence, women being treated badly, like they're incompetent, or anything else that shows them to be anything but bad-ass. Plot-what-plot is okay, but as long as there's something of the characterisation in there.

I (embarrassingly) love partners bantering and bickering, bad domestic fluff (especially if there's babies) (or fake marriages) (but only if it makes sense and is in character), ladies f***ing s--t up and taking names and late-night talks in odd places. For the fanvidders, I love vids set to Hawksley Workman songs. I'm easy to please.

More specifically!

1. Keizoku 2: SPEC
Toma and Sebumi watering the garden would be fine by me. If gardening is not your thing, I'd love something that showed their lives away from each other in the year Sebumi was off being a monk, or what their life could be away from everything shown in the series. I've always wanted to read fic where Toma and Sebumi move into a relationship (as much as these two could) and how Chii influences that, in all the good ways and bad. Basically, gardening fic or maybe them baking and yelling at each other would be fine by me. Vidders, I'd be happy with anything, especially a series-as-a-whole vid.

2. Keizoku
I'd like pretty much the same for Shibata and Mayama as I would like for the SPEC Kids. Their life together after the series ends, how Shibata rose in the police force as Mayama became like, an aquarium salesman - anything really. If you're feeling mucho ambitious, I'd love an Aya/Madarame fic - but that may be a can of "are they alive/aren't they?" that you may not want to open. Vid-wise, the same sort of suggestions I listed for SPEC.

3. Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus
Why isn't there a fandom for this?! Creepy night time circus, ominous ringmaster, beautiful women stuck in some triple ring limbo - ugh. I love Sunny Hill, and their comeback was everything a girl would want from her kpop. A fic exploring the origins of the Midnight Circus, and how the Accordion Player fell in with them would be great, but I'd also love something that dives into the odd mirror-based relationship between Jang-hyun the Ringmaster and Seung-Ah:

Why is he in her head? Is he real? Is she? Why am I so into a kpop video? I don't know - all I know is that I want fic, man.

4. Strawberry Night
I'm not sure anyone will sign up to write this, which is a shame as it's one of the best Japanese procedurals I've seen in a long time. The chemistry, the story, Himekawa's team in general - it's just fantastic, and I recommend it if you've not seen it. I'd love fic that is about the team; partner fic; healing fic set to Coldplay's 'Fix You' (okay maybe not) - gen or Himekawa/Kikuta is most welcome. I also welcome anything that delves into Himekawa's past, and Kikuta find out about it, but I understand that this wouldn't be an idea for everyone.

5. Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato
Have you ever thought to yourself, "why am I so invested in a drama about an Heiress and Butler who solve crime?" Probably not, but that's pretty much my train of thought for a good hunk of this year. Fic about Kageyama and Reiko's relationship - bickering, making up (bonus points for ~in the bedroom~), their progression from employee/employer - anything is welcome. Bonus points for Reiko being the competent police offer I know she can be, but the writers sadly don't. Vid-wise, a vid set to '10,000 Nights of Thunder' by Alphabeat would be ace.


That's it! If you have questions about pairings, song choices, why I'm so into a stupid show about an Heiress and Butler, please feel free to ask anon or however you'd like. Thank you again - I hope you have fun writing/vidding :) Happy Kaleidoscope!

Pieces xoxox

PS: Can't guarantee I'll have an answer to the Nazotoki question. It's a mystery.
TITLE: For Those About To Rock, We Salute You (2/?)
FANDOM: A Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones
RATING: Mature
DISCLAIMER: Dearest GRRM, I am not you. I'm sorry I'm borrowing your babies to make them wear leather pants and have tattoos and sing bad hair rock, but I promise I won't hurt them. They're yours, not mine, but thank you for creating them and letting me put them in bands. No profit is being gained, either. Love, Pieces xoxox

Part One @ DW/LJ | Read it at AO3

2. Problem Child )
This is happening people. Go with it.

TITLE: For Those About To Rock, We Salute You (1/?)
FANDOM: A Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones
RATING: Mature
DISCLAIMER: Dearest GRRM, I am not you. I'm sorry I'm borrowing your babies to make them wear leather pants and have tattoos and sing bad hair rock, but I promise I won't hurt them. They're yours, not mine, but thank you for creating them and letting me put them in bands. No profit is being gained, either. Love, Pieces xoxox

NOTES: You know when an idea hits you and NEVER LEAVES? And every fandom needs a rockband AU, right? It's hard to place this squarely in either in the bookverse or TVverse, because it's a little of both - Spoiler warnings apply for both! The fic is mostly Gen, but pairings will eventually appear.

The fic title and all chapter titles are courtesy of AC/DC. A wanky reference post with discographies and band lineups is here.

With thanks to my tremendous betas, [personal profile] lizbee and [personal profile] theonlytwin; who along with [profile] suburbannoir helped me nut this idea out. Thank you <3 Let's do it!

Read it at AO3.

1. Night of the Long Knives )
Look, if they didn't look so damn cute together, this wouldn't have had to happen, people:

...Who am I kidding, it was always going to happen.

TITLE: Now I See, I'm Starting To Feel
FANDOM: Keizoku 2: SPEC RPF (Kase Ryo/Erika Toda)
RATING: NC-17/R for sexual situations.
DISCLAIMER: This didn't happen. OR DID IT

She hears the rumours. )

That's my new default gif for when I think about SPEC, because otherwise it ends in a great big heaving Dawson crying heap.
I wrote something! It was hard. But necessary, if only to satiate [personal profile] firthgal and my appetite for Shige/Wanko action.

TITLE: The Story You Can't See
FANDOM: Deka Wanko (Hanamori 'Wanko' Ichiko/Shigemura Kanichi)
RATING: R (for sexual situations)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters. If I did, they'd be more fleshed out and kissing a lot more on screen.

There was a set plan to the life he'd thought he'd live. )


Hello, 3:25am! Where did you come from?
Even I don't know why I get inspired by the oddest things.

T (also know as Yoon Mi-Rae and Tasha) is a South Korean/American rapper who I knew nothing about until I was (quite rightly) told off by [personal profile] aj for not including her on a mix of awesome kpop. Since then, I've fallen a bit in love with her and her husband, Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger.

Last week, she released her new single: 'Get It In', which is a part of Intel and Vice Mag's Creator's Project. The clip is fucking ace - part Tarantino homage, part visual art project thanks to Lumpen's involvement, part heartbreaking romance, part Star Wars - and I got inspired to write whatever the hell this is. I know, right?

Actually, on second thought? This shit was always going to be right up my alley.

Watch the clip:

Epic. I just had to write fic. It was necessary. NECESSARY. And I guess this has an A03 tag, so...INSTAFANDOM.

TITLE: We Used To Be Pretenders
FANDOM: Get It Inverse (Yoon Mi-Rae/Tiger JK)
RATING: M (some swearing and violence). This is AU, obviously, and not really RPF.
DISCLAIMER: Like, what. I don't own these people, or the filmclip. They're characters based on real people.

'It's your legacy.' )

Next time: fic based on 'Take on Me' by A-Ha! (not really)

(i've started a fanmix)

(hold me)
Drive-by post! I'm trying to work my way into writing for Korean and Japanese drama fandoms, and used the [community profile] chromaticvision Drabblethon as a starting point to get into my favourite character's heads.

None of these drabbles are very good, natch, but I feel good to flex my writing muscles in fandoms I'm not entirely sure of yet. It's good practice for my Kaleidoscope fic!

Capital Scandal
Warm Whisky (Wan/Yeo-Kyung)

Sleep To Dream Her (Mayama/Shibata)

Keizoku 2: SPEC
2:53am (Toma{/Sebumi-ish})

Mooncake (Yamada/Ueda)

An actual update soon - I'm so behind on Fashion 70's and everything in general. But here's to writing again, huzzah!
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( Oct. 10th, 2011 08:58 pm)
Dear Doer of Darkness,

What can I say? Thank you for taking on my prompts, and I have no doubt whatsoever that you could write fic or do a vid where everyone stands on their heads and recites the phonetic alphabet backwards and I'd still be happy.

If you'd prefer I were more specific, I am honestly a pretty easy going receipient, all jokes aside. My main no-gos are non-con, extreme out of context violence and women written as side pieces and not the main, ass-kicking focus they are.

Fandom specific:

1. Untouchable
I'd really just like a relationship piece about Ryoko and Takafuji's friendship (or more?) after the events of the show. Just really highlighting what makes them so special - two displaced kids who turned into displaced adults, and how they respond to finding something close to fate.

2. Keizoku 2: SPEC
The question is - what don't I want from SPEC? Again, I'd really like something that shows the Toma/Sebumi relationship - the intrinsic trust, the banterin' and bickerin', the somewhat reluctant UST - that also touches on how broken they both actually are. Extra points if you work in Mayama and Shibata from the original Keizoku, if you've watched it.

3. Trick
Like Untouchable, at last look, no-one had offered Trick and I'm not that surprised. It's not an easy show to write for, but if you suddenly feel the urge to give Ueda and Yamada a go, I'll make you pie and somehow get it to you from here in Australia. I wrote that I wanted a wedding - but what I think I mean was "I want all the stuff that leads up to a wedding". Or, hell, a vid set to 'Does Your Mother Know?' by ABBA. That too.

Thank you again - I can't wait to see what you come up with.

With love and mushies,
Pieces xo
There's a Japanese drama called Trick. If we've talked in the past six months, I've probably mentioned it or you've seen the 2389298392 posts I've made about it on Tumblr. We discovered it whilst in Japan over the New Year, and something - whatever it is - called to me, and I now easily rank it in my top 5 shows of all time.

I can't be eloquent about it, guys. I just really fucking love it.

It's not an easy show to watch - I often don't suggest it when people ask for drama recommendations, because it really runs between the absurd, to the emotional, to the whatthefuck and back again. It can even be hard work in places, especially in season three - but I'll talk about that in the actual post.

But, for all it's faults; for some reason, it just clicks with me. It's got all the things I love in a drama - odd couple, banterin' and bickerin', bizarre events that have nothing to do with anything, a car that acts like a pet, a female character who possibly could be based on me and chemistry that's hits it so far out of the ballpark, it's practically in the next postcode.

I'm going to make a vlog for Lost in Omo! this weekend, and a proper pimp post - but until then, enjoy a selection of music about my favourite out of work magician and repressed physicist.

SOME OLD-FASHIONED WAY | Songs For The Magician & The Physicist )

That's basically how I feel right now.
Holy shit I wrote something.

TITLE: And I'll Forget The Rest of Me
FANDOM: IRIS and Athena: Goddess of War. Sun-Hwa-centric.
RATING: M for some sexual situations.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters.

They're barely eighteen, her plain dress stuck to the spokes of her bicycle by the wind -  )

I love them so much, guys. So much.
As you've probably noticed, I've recently become quite enamoured with Korean pop culture. A lot of this piggy backs on my ~life decision~ to learn another language, but there is a fair amount of LOLZ involved as well. Natch.

Korean pop music - kpop if you're nasty - is. How do I say this...manufactured. Cheesy. Sweet. Amazingly produced. Different. On the curve. Off the curve. A million other adjectives that all lead to one acronym - and say it with me - LOL. It doesn't take its self seriously, which I like. And it's really, really pretty.

A good majority of kpop is shit, but under the crap are great examples of the Hallyu Wave, a cultural phenomenon that helps to highlight Korean pop culture as something more than just that stuff tweens buy. Genuinely interesting production and bubblepop-electric styling help kpop to stand out from the crowd - and I thought I'd make a little mixtape to showcase some of the music that is contributing to the Wave.

Some of it are the idols - miss A, TVXQ!, the YG Family, Brown Eyed Girls et al - some is K(orean)indie, some is undefinable. But these are the tracks that made me sit up and take notice of an industry that has its faults (and how!), but is trying to push the envelope in its own brightly coloured way.

You're not going to find a helluva lot of depth here. But you're sure going to have fun.

A BRAND NEW SCENE | Kpop For Discerning Adults )

Not deep, and probably not for discerning adults, but that's pop at its finest, right? Put it on your stereo, turn it up and have fun.

My darling [personal profile] firthgal has had a hard couple of days, so I thought I'd make a little fanmix to cheer her up. Except most of the music is wistful and bittersweet and kind of depressing - but if that's not our favourite North Koreans in a nutshell, I don't know what is.


Man I love making fanmixes. I hope you feel better, [personal profile] firthgal! <3333

(This one also goes out to my watcher-in-crime, [profile] suburbannoir, who probably will kick me for using The National.)

And everyone else? Just enjoy the two BAMFiest BAMFs who ever BAMFed:

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( Oct. 20th, 2010 09:35 pm)
Dear Festividder,

Thank you for participating, and for taking up my requests!

This is my first year participating, and I honestly can't wait to give it a go. I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to vids - as long as scenes of talking are low and the cuts are snappy, I'm good to go.

In more detail. )

That's it! I hope you have fun, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Thank you again :)

<3 Pieces xoxox
*shuffles in, sheepishly* Hay guyse.

So. I liked Inception. Thus, of course, my reaction was to write the most obscure RPF ever.

TITLE: White Owls
FANDOM: Inception RPF (Ken Watanabe/Marion Cotillard)
DISCLAIMER: This didn't happen. No, really. It didn't. Honest.

It's not even a page. )

You know you missed me.

Brass says FLOCKed, yo

Comment and I'll add you back.

♥ Most fandom-related posts are un-locked - fic etc - however, to receive the full Piecesof experience, hit up that friends button. Yo!
Typical Dreamwidth post: I have just finished importing all my entries over to Pieces@Dreamwidth, and set up cross-posting.

It's like having two houses! COOL

Also, I have a stack of invite codes. Who wants one? Does everyone have one?

[/change of address]
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SquidStitch, our hideously under-updated crafternoon blog, has finally been updated.


See Pieces' bad hand-stitching! Make some muffins! See our RSS feed! [livejournal.com profile] squidstich

*wanders away, eating muffins*
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( Apr. 12th, 2009 10:32 pm)
My (phantom) teeth are keeping me up, so I thought I would recap Life. It didn't happen, but this did - some-what of a prologue to a real tribute.

(Or here if Imeem's being a bitch.)

Oh, Show. I wish I knew why I was so damn sad.
Before I recap the season finale properly, I have a seriously letter to write. I know, right? From me, and everything!



10th April 2009

Dear Life Fandom, Rand & Co. and TPTB,

Hey. I just watched "One". I'm cool with the Roman thing (you know), but I'll be a bit cranky if Garret's out of two jobs this season.

Actually, do you have a minute? I have something to tell you. )

Is that Zen? Probably not. But I'd love to keep learning what is, with Charlie and Dani, side-by-side.

Yours in eloquence and potentially non-obvious rage,
Ms. Pieces O. Alice


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