Ooh, spamalicious. First PEC fic. Huh.

TITLE: Boulevarde du Montparnasse
FANDOM: Paris Enquêtes Criminelles
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. There is probably a French Dick Wolf out there somewhere.

Claire Savigny likes to take her coffee on Blvd du Montparnasse. )
So I downloaded Paris Enquêtes Criminelles - otherwise known as The French Version of Criminal Intent - Now With More Berets!.

And I LOVE IT. I have no idea what they are saying, BUT I LOVE IT. I love La Eames and Le Goren, and even the fact it's a complete and utter remake down to the Goren Head Tilt and Eames' "Oh, Goren" Face.

Look! Do they have their roles down OR WHAT. Let's look at this wonderfully bizarre excuse for Dick Wolf to get more money closer.

Maison, er, croissant le fille un je suis? )

I can feel the following coming on:

a) crossover fic where Eames and Goren eat bread sticks, and
b) RPF where the French stars visit and Perez is all over Katie and VDO gets full jealous and hello.

Stop me. No. Really.


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