Dearest Yuletide Santa,

All I want for Christmas is something hopeful. Yeah, yeah, it's gross and soppy and ew, but all of my requests are for fandoms that I love and hold dearly to my little bosom - so happy! Bittersweet! A little like pomegranate!

I'm pretty easy, to be honest. Write something that you'll enjoy writing - put on some awesome music, look out the window and go. Suggestions for tunes? Hawksley Workman, Wang Chung, Foo Fighters, anything bad and boy-band-ish. Christmas songs! Carolers! Scratchy Robert Johnson blues and Bright Eyes for Deadwood, bitchy girl anthems and Gomez circa Bring It On for The Pretender and clappy-happy, domestic bliss love songs with a dash of The Pipettes for Psych.

I'd prefer no non-con, overt violence or purple prose, but the rest? Is up to you.

I hope I have given you enough to go on, if not, I suggest watching Yo Gabba Gabba! with a cuppa and some sort of furry animal on your lap. And I apologise if I've overwhemled you - I'm just so excited, man!

With love and Christmas cheer,
Dear Yuletide Santa - only a little late!

Dearest Santa... )



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