Supernatural personages:

I was born in 1983.

Does this mean I am going to a) have my mum die on my six month birthday, b) start having visions and dreams of a yellow eyed demon, c) become a murder or my evil twin will and d) have two tall boys in an Impala beat down my door?


Supernatural meta & ramblings - 'Children Shouldn't...' & 'Simon Says' )

I have a pretty big phone interview tomorrow, and have spent the whole day preparing for it. If I see another question like "Tell me about a time you have motivated a team, and created customer service culture?" or "How have you used your initative in the past?" I may cap a bitch.

Sadly, I first answer every prep question with "kick them in the head", but have to backspace it before putting in my Retail Manager, Woo! answer. Aw.

ETA: Criminal Intent casting: The wonderful, beautiful Rita Moreno has been cast as Francis Goren. People are whinging. Vincent D'Onofrio is eating his words. I clap. Three episodes of Mama Goren, including her being checked into a hospice may not the hardest of hardcore storylines, but as for turning it into a soap opera? I think we'd need a young blonde girlfriend for Bobby and a DA love interest for Eames before I'd even go there. And hello, Rita and Vince? Actor's Workshop's wet dream, man!
♥ The scene in "No Reason", the House season two finale? Where House uses the machine thingy to pop Cameron's buttons? Still disturbs me. Her reaction? Disturbs me megafold. Worst. Most. Fucked. Up. OTP. Ever.

Boytown - I Cry. Because middle aged Australian comedians taking off boy bands makes my little pop heart sing

"Don't Fear the Reaper" by [ profile] yo_gert. Gen-reaper fic. Just brillian. LOLZ for days!

[ profile] cinderblock42 posted a stack of Kathryn Erbe pics - making me a very happy camper. Mucho kudos to you, Cinder!

That is all. Now, I return to mine and [ profile] bantha_fodder's BEST. FIC. EVER.

Shhh Pen, it's a sekrit
I have a confession. I am madly in love with Tessa, the reaper from Supernatual. Between her and my Pretender obession? I ain't getting much done.

Quick Tessa Drabble!

Hey, Soldier - Tessa/SPN drabble )

Don't think I won't be fleshing that out. Or her out. To the tune of Blue Oyster Cult.
Dear LiveJournal,

So I've been away for a couple of days and come back to watch the newest episode of Supernatural.

Have I ever told you about my highly irrational, yet exceptionally violent phobia of clowns and/or clown-related indica? Like, not "ew clowns are skary LOLOLOL" but "Piecesof, you're booked into the shrink because you can't sleep with a porcelain clown in the house without shaking and screaming"?


Love PLAGUE ON YOUR HOUSE, KRIPKE, Piecesof xoxoxox

Back when I liked Supernatural, I was introducing [ profile] weaverandom to Season One via the DVDs.

ME: "O_________O HE DID NOT."
[ profile] lizbee (from kitchen table) "Whuh?"

Shag ass? Shag ass? Dude, you be asking for this fandom, fo' realz.
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( Oct. 3rd, 2006 10:14 pm)
I'm rushing off to bed now, but I have to link you to the best. Vid. Ever. [ profile] weaverandom told me about it a hundred years ago, but she gave me the best present by showing it to me.

Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd?


No doubt, every DC nerd has seen it. But to you, my SPN fangirls, here it is.

"Hello Mr. Zebra" by [ profile] monkeycrackmary

I'm so writing Supernatural/DC crossovers now. Harley/Dean! After my Miss Parker/Bruce Wayne. And Criminal Intent/The Pretender. And...
I have a notebook that I use to write fic in at work. A lot of the unfinished stuff is Supernatural, because I get started on a story and it invariably ends up FAILING IN FACE OF THE AWESOME FIC ALREADY OUT THERE.

And I don't write Wincest, and seem to like OCs, which seems to be a no-no in the fandom.

So, I stick to what I know. Comedy and wangst!

Title: I Guess Things Happen That Way
Fandom: Supernatural
Disclaimer: Not mine. Kripke, marry me and sign your assests over?

'I Guess Things Happen That Way', M, SPN short fic )


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