Look, if they didn't look so damn cute together, this wouldn't have had to happen, people:

...Who am I kidding, it was always going to happen.

TITLE: Now I See, I'm Starting To Feel
FANDOM: Keizoku 2: SPEC RPF (Kase Ryo/Erika Toda)
RATING: NC-17/R for sexual situations.
DISCLAIMER: This didn't happen. OR DID IT

She hears the rumours. )

That's my new default gif for when I think about SPEC, because otherwise it ends in a great big heaving Dawson crying heap.
*shuffles in, sheepishly* Hay guyse.

So. I liked Inception. Thus, of course, my reaction was to write the most obscure RPF ever.

TITLE: White Owls
FANDOM: Inception RPF (Ken Watanabe/Marion Cotillard)
DISCLAIMER: This didn't happen. No, really. It didn't. Honest.

It's not even a page. )

You know you missed me.

Ever get one of those fic bunnies that will never leave you alone, until you write it in desperation on a Sunday night? RPF, completely platonic, about two TV hosts who don't really know each other and are bonded only by a love of food?

No? Oh. Uh. Here, have a fic!

TITLE: Take It Off Your Mind
FANDOM: Top Chef (Padma Lakshmi & Tom Colicchio)
DISCLAIMER: These are real people. I do not own them, natch.

They're stuck in New York, and it's raining. )

BFFs. Totes.


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