I've decided to set myself a weekly challenge. Every week, I will hit random on Mobo, my Creative Zen, and list the next five songs to come up - regardless of what they are. Then I will use these songs to inspire drabbles/ficlets. Easy, no?

I call this challenge Five Tunes . Because four just wasn't enough. All drabbles have a link to the MP3. It's fic in stereo!

'Let's Dance On' - The Monkees (Juliet/Lassiter, Psych) )

'Jeden Tag Sonntag' - Farin Urlaub (Garret Dillahunt & Tess Harper) )

'Comfort Me' - Shihad (Dani & Charlie, Life) )

'Clearlight' - Cordrazine (Miss Parker/Jarod, The Pretender )

'Don't Get Me Wrong' - The Pretenders (Juliet/Lassiter, Psych) )

Who knows how long this will last, but by golly, it's fun.
I'm off site today, sitting in the back office of one of our stores and waiting for IT to fix my settings because I can't log on remotely to our network. So instead of doing other work, I will post fic and read my flist.

I wrote this when I flew to Brisbane a month or so ago, and although [livejournal.com profile] bantha_fodder has read it, you guys haven't. Lucky!

TITLE: Airports Filled With Grace
FANDOM: The Pretender, Miss Parker/Jarod
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, Stevo and Craigger's.

The last call comes across the airwaves, but she doesn't move. )

Sigh. I wish I could go home.
I should be doing work, but meh.

This bunny has been in my head for a while - nasty, violent, beats-up-on-the-ladies Mister Lyle from The Pretender and broken, dark-haired, indestructable "Five Years Later" Claire Bennet from Heroes.

This may get messy.

TITLE: Beauty Marks
DISCLAIMER: Neither characters are mine. Y'know who owns 'em.
RATING: MA/R for violence and sexual themes.

It's quarter to midnight. )

Wasn't that fun. In a sadistic, rusty knife kinda way.

[livejournal.com profile] bantha_fodder and I have been watching too many Pretender vids lately, and have decided to help you on your journey through YouTube's large aray of vids by reviewing those we feel have impacted us highly. Or made us LOL. Handy!

Pen's reviews are here.

"Twins" by Pretender55

This vid is set to "Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan, and is a psychological profile of what it means to be a twin in today's rabidly commercial society.


The idea behind this vid was inventive and fresh - the only problem being? The song is 7 and a half minutes long, and, well...there's only so much thinly-veiled twin-lovin' phrases you can have flash up on screen before it starts reading like someone's LJ rant on why Miss P and Jarod aren't the OTP OMG LYLE ISN'T RILLY HER BROTHER HES GOOD OKAI?!

2.5 out of five lols

Times we get hit over the head with canon in words and video: 8

Times "MONSTER" appears on screen: 4

Amount of time in seconds "MONSTER" floats at us: 26 seconds

Times I laughed out loud: 3

Number of times scenes from Island of the Haunted are used: 0!

Scenes with Jarod: 2

Minus points: the useless facts on twins, TOO FUCKING LONG.


"Fix You" by Fleurdejude

Vid Zwei is a Parker-through-Jarod's-eyes piece to Coldplay's "Fix You".

The opening organ solo mixes perfectly with a moody scene from IOTH and Jarod catching the news after Thomas Gates is shot. The mixture of Young and Older!Parker and Jarod, the heartbreaking scene from "Bank" where Parker tells her father she's fine - all this captures everything we've come to love and freakin' hate from our favourite un-touching couple.

The rising action at about 2mins 40secs has great effect, although the timing is a little off. The scene from IOTH in the rain is especially fantastic. All in all, a fun, heart-wrenching time for all!

no lols out of five, just loves.

fade from gigolo!jarod to miss parker on the couch (or vice versa): 2 points

number of times scenes from Island of the Haunted are used: Too many to count - around 20 or so

no touching: 4 points

bonus points for the rising action, the great use of black and white and not overdoing the fades.


Wasn't that fun. Until next time, remember - the first rule of Pretender Club is NO TOUCHING.
Remember that time I wasn't [livejournal.com profile] bantha_fodder's bitch? She requested "FIVE WAYS JMP MEET VILLAINS FROM GOTHAM GO."

Title: Five Ways Jarod and Miss Parker Meet Villians From Gotham
Fandom: The Pretender/DC-Verse (Batman)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Those other peoples. Don't sue. And shit.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. )

Ooh, er, I have Hawksley to watch and New Moon to read. WHAT TO DO.
I got the Pretender movies on DVD last week, and have only watched Island of the Haunted because, really, who gives a crap about Pretender 2001?

It shall forever, from this day, be known as LOLsland of the Haunted, thanks to THAT SCENE.

You know the one. The one where Jarod's nipples are horribly erect.

It would come springing! From my lips! )

Remember when Jarod was a Jailbird? )

Me: "I'm bored, what should I do today?"
[livejournal.com profile] bantha_fodder: "Totes make a Lyle fanmix!"
Me: "OKAI."

Lethal and Young - The Mister Lyle Mix )

Ah. A mix as schitzophrenic as the man that inspired it.
piecesofalice: doris day in white (jackie steve & cecile - kiiiiiiissssss)
( Apr. 2nd, 2007 05:19 pm)

So I picked up this book called Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, right?

And it's a young adult book about a vampire and a human falling in love, right?

And I've really, really, really enjoyed it. Like, I'm re-reading it, even though I just finished it.

And I'd really like to have a look around fandom, maybe write some fic, get into some nice meta discussions.

So why are there no older fans, huh?

I'm not saying the fandom that exists is bad, per se, it's just not my cup of tea. Anyone know of a place where I can squee talk about said books without fear of Evanescence song fic?

In the meantime, I can't stop laughing at this picture:


Man, I'm posting fic like a demon at the moment. I blame being in love.

Title: One Week
Fandom: The Pretender, Miss Parker/Jarod
Rating: M-ish
Disclaimer: Steven's and Craig's, not mine.

She's two hours late, but no-one bats an eyelid. )

Draw = drawer. Right, Pen? I don't think it's possible to love a show as much as I love this one.
I've been ploughing around YouTube looking for distracting crap today, thanks to me being "missing" (don't ask) and having the worst bout of writer's block since forev.


♥ For [livejournal.com profile] gunderpants: Tonks/Lupin vid.
To the Monkees, natch. I just know you're going to love me after seeing this, Gun.

Adrian Munsey - The Lost Sheep.
If you don't watch anything else in this post, watch this. Please. You will thank me in the morning with a full breakfast in bed.

Mommie Dearest vs The Monkees. Dig that large, large text!

Or, in which Detective Robert Goren goes undercover for no reason whatsoever.

Scene from "The Posthumous Collection"
Season 4 of "Criminal Intent". If there was any scene that could turn me into a gushing 'shippy fangirl, this is it. Squeetastic.

"Everybody Wants You" - Pretender-vid.
Finally! My Billy Squire and Pretender loves, smooshed together in one handy vid! The author has also done one to "Incomplete" by BSB - IT'S LIKE SHE'S STOLEN MY SOUL. Actually, all her vids are kick-ass - here are all her vids. Yo, LeoChick!

*NSYNC performing "This I Promise You/ByeByeBye/It's Gonna Be Me" at the 2000 VMAs. Easily the best freakin' performance EVAR. Even if Woodridge Weenie Robson choreographed it. Note: fast forward to 1min 10secs, coz, yo, I don't think you wanna sit through "This I Promise You" unless you have to. "LAYDEEEEZZZ!" OH KIRKPATRICK YOU OWN ME.

♥ And finally: AJ's fave singer is Crazy Frog, because he's so high on cocaine he thinks he's regressed back in age and is eight again.

This is for my mother, who claims my LJ is BORING. I &hearts U, Mummo!
[livejournal.com profile] zeplum got me fired up to write a spot of The Pretender. She told me to use Jarod or Miss Parker (or both), and gave me the prompts jealousy and public transport. Go!

Title: Bus
Fandom: The Pretender, slight Jarod/Miss Parker
Disclaimer: Not mine. All Steven and Craig's.

'Bus', The Pretender, PG )

Australian viewers: why are there these inane "game" shows on every commercial network? Do our television stations have so much excess money, they are forced to feed it into the late night set's unemployed pockets via Hotdogs?

For that matter, why does Hotdogs have a Wikipedia entry? I'm going to bed.


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