Oh yes, ladies and...ladies. It's season seven, it's a premiere, it's a new channel its...

Law and Order: Criminal Intent Episode Round-Up!

(For the episode "Amends" or, "The One Where Katie Erbe Won at Canon and Broke a Fandom")

Don't cry, Eames - it's image heavy and shit quality, but we still love you. )

Seriously, Now. )

Oh man. That took THREE HOURS to code. How long do these things keep getting, seriously?!
I got the Pretender movies on DVD last week, and have only watched Island of the Haunted because, really, who gives a crap about Pretender 2001?

It shall forever, from this day, be known as LOLsland of the Haunted, thanks to THAT SCENE.

You know the one. The one where Jarod's nipples are horribly erect.

It would come springing! From my lips! )

Remember when Jarod was a Jailbird? )

Two in one week? Why, I must be ill or something. In the immortal words of Sir Samuel L. Jackson - hold on to your butts! It's the...

Law & Order Criminal Intent Episode Round-Up!

(For the episode (eagerly awaited and oft suggested) "Siren Call" or, "The One Where Eames Gets Cranky Because Everyone Keeps Asking If She's Okay")

It's okay, Goren, you can have a kip later. PUT THE PILLOW DOWN. )

Seriously, now )

I wonder why my file of this episode is all crappy and pixely. Huh. Next episode? Something from Season Two, me thinks. That's on CRISP, CLEAR DVD.
Hold on to your hats! It's the...

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Episode Round-Up!

*smatterings of applause and general disinterest*

(For the episode "Masquerade" or "The One Piecesof Has A Lot of Trouble Spelling - With Liza!")

Don't get too drunk, Liza - it's image heavy, so I'll need you to be sober, 'kay? )

Seriously, Now )

They just keep getting longer and longer. Any suggestions for what episode to do next?
Quickly before I go to work - Things That Make Piecesof Squeel With Glee:

Lil' Military Eames!!11!111

Could this be any cuter? The Marching Band Old Man agrees. You know Bobby's thinking something along the lines of "pocket, meet Eames." Or slightly pornier, in his Goren way. So, in actuality, he's probably deciphering military codes in his noggin', JUST IN CASE.

HEIGHT DIFFERENCE. WITH BERETS. Yes, I'm squeeing. Yes, I'm lame.

Boots close up. Because? Her boots? Make me dance. So big! So little!

Aaaannnnd - I'm done.
Only a week late - oh, no, actually, about five episodes late - but, ladies and gentlemen! It's the...

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Episode Round-Up!

(For the episode "The War at Home", or "The One with Fran Drescher and Goren's Mum")

It's okay, Ma Goren. It might be image heavy, but it ain't your brother. )

Seriously, now. )

I am loving this season. I'm drawing "I♥SEASON SIX" all over my notebooks, man. How can I be expected to wait a month for the next episode, I DO NOT KNOW.
I think I just spent a good hour staring at this:

Somethings? Just give me so much joy.

*dashes off to MEGA INTERVIEW*


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