There's this episode, right. In the one season of Earth 2, right. It's called "Water", and it falls pretty near to the beginning of the canon, but just far enough that everyone is firmly established and relationships are beginning to flourish.

When I was a wee lass, I thought this episode was all about water. Sourcing water, drinking water, water as a metaphor for life etc. But now, at the tail-end of my twenties, I realise what this episode is all about.

It's all about sexual frustration. Water = sex.

Trust me. You trust me, right?

Crickets, random cough from guy in audience

Fine. Follow me, for some fine, well-researched picspam, friends. )

In the words of that Great Poet Laureate, Lady Christina Aguilera - dirrrty.
Grab an era-inappropriate bodice! It's...

The Robin Hood Season One Picspam, Part Two!

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The Tale of Two People In Sexy S&M Love (those represented may not reflect actual people) )

In other news:


Hold on to your tights! It's...

The Robin Hood Season One Picspam, Part One!

Presented by Leather Etc, the online leader in leather and fetish wear. Just ask Guy of Gisborne!

Free shipping to Locksley! )

And I do know how the show ends, blokes, but I live in this wonderful world where AUs are awesome. Much like The Sheriff. Oh, Sheriff.


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