Borne of boredom, please to be having some of my favourite film clips.

(Cut for convenience, although I recommend watchin' 'em all)

Hawksley Workman - We Will Still Need A Song )

Rammstein - Ich Will )

Die Ärzte - Unrockbar )

Farin Urlaub - Sumisu )

Beastie Boys - Body Movin' )

Shea Seger - Last Time )

Ima Robot - Lovers in Captivity )

Fettes Brot - Schwule Mädchen )

Scissor Sisters - Laura )

NSYNC - Pop )

The Monkees - Star Collector )

Kylie Minogue - Did It Again )

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses )

Miranda Cosgrove & Drake  )

There's probably more, but they're the ones on the top of my noggin. I also spared you all my amazing 80s music choices (Warrant and "Cherry Pie", anyone?) and the majority of my pop loves. Lucky.

Let me know which you loved, and tell me your personal faves, Flisty!
Me: "I'm bored, what should I do today?"
[ profile] bantha_fodder: "Totes make a Lyle fanmix!"
Me: "OKAI."

Lethal and Young - The Mister Lyle Mix )

Ah. A mix as schitzophrenic as the man that inspired it.
You know what "Little Tragedies - A Goren+Eames Fanmix" needs? A SEQUEL. With a similar title!

Now with 70% more fluff!

Miniature Disasters - A Goren+Eames Fanmix, Volume 2 )

HOW 'SHIPPY WAS THAT. I think I've had a shot of fluffy bunny baby toys into my blood stream or something.

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HAY NOT DEAD. Tired, working, LOLing, dancing, eating, Monkee-ing et al, but not dead.


I hope you all had a blast, and are as looking forward to 2007 as I am. That said, here be the Mix CD O' Doom, promised as a part of your christmas cards but I decided to go the electronic route because postage would be $$$$$. What am I, made of money?

Poof! Goes 2006 - A PoA Music Retrospective )

And that, folks, was my year in musical form.

Heartz in my eyes for you all. Picture courtesy of [ profile] weaverandom
I've been sitting on this for a while - and now, I post it.

Celebrating the friendship/romance/partnership (whatever your poison) of Detectives Robert Goren and Alex Eames. It's a little wangsty, a little zany, a little sly, a little all over the place and a lot wistful; but for such a varied and interesting partnership, would you expect anything less?

Don't expect great insights, however. I just ain't that bird. To me, these songs just sound and feel like them - and I hope you enjoy them like I have. Download link after song information.

Little Tragedies - The Goren+Eames Mix )

Okay, that ended up being rather Goren-centric, didn't it. Huh.

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My first EP, Homemade. Because I'm on crack, like that.

1. A Green Problem
2. Guitars and Love
3. J-O-S-I-E
4. No A in Robot
5. SexyBack - a Tribute

Recorded October 2006, for the amusement of [ profile] binnessface. With thanks to Kimya Dawson. All songs written by [ profile] piecesofalice, except "SexyBack", that's Justin Timberlake and Timbaland's problem. Featuring [ profile] piecesofalice on bad guitar and Kitchen Table, and The Dog Next Door barking. Image from GettyImages. Art direction by [ profile] piecesofalice. [ profile] piecesofalice created by her parents.

I can't play guitar. I can't sing. I can't put a song together. But hell, comedu is comedu afterall.


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