My (phantom) teeth are keeping me up, so I thought I would recap Life. It didn't happen, but this did - some-what of a prologue to a real tribute.

(Or here if Imeem's being a bitch.)

Oh, Show. I wish I knew why I was so damn sad.
Before I recap the season finale properly, I have a seriously letter to write. I know, right? From me, and everything!



10th April 2009

Dear Life Fandom, Rand & Co. and TPTB,

Hey. I just watched "One". I'm cool with the Roman thing (you know), but I'll be a bit cranky if Garret's out of two jobs this season.

Actually, do you have a minute? I have something to tell you. )

Is that Zen? Probably not. But I'd love to keep learning what is, with Charlie and Dani, side-by-side.

Yours in eloquence and potentially non-obvious rage,
Ms. Pieces O. Alice
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( Apr. 4th, 2009 06:39 pm)
I'm sorry, I cannot even look at these photos.

They're promos from next week's Life, and I honestly think that if I could emote my feelings regarding them, it would simply be this:

I'm excited! I'm scared! I'm Jesse Spano! I don't want to watch! Why is he in white? OMG WHAT IF HE'S PORNY WITH DANI?! OMG

See the pics here. I'm not looking.

Man, I dunno what the hell this is. The last discharge before my writer's block breaks? A love song to Platonic Detective Partnerz? My clavicle fetish exposed? Whatever.

TITLE: The Collarbone Press
FANDOM: Life, Dani Reese and Charlie Crews
RATING: PG, for a bit of swearing.
DISCLAIMER: Really. Not mine, I promise.

Sometimes she forgets to breathe, and her chest seems to become heavier than she thinks she can handle. )

Tidwell's hair is greasy, y'all.
Life, S02E06, "Did You Feel That?". In eight caps or less.

Hang On, Partner. )

Seriously, Now. )


<3 TED
Dear Life S02E01, "Find Your Happy Place";

You were really good. Let me show this through fifteen million caps and bizarre titles for each.

Love and kisses,
Pieces xoxox

Beauty and the Beast ain't got nuthin' on us. )

And, because we're so blessed: the Sarah Shahi Is Pretty Picspam.
Brought to you by Charlie Rich

Pretty. )

In conclusion:

<3 TED!
<3 SHOW!
Oh, zany personal canon where Dani and Marshall were together and happy. How I love thee.

Little quick Dani fic, then I'm finished for today. I promise.

TITLE: Dedication
FANDOM(S): Dani Reese (Dani/Marshall, with a hint of Dani/Charlie) (Life & My Name is Marshall)
DISCLAIMER: Not not mine.

'You dedicated a song to me.' )

Coming soon - a fic based on "Apache" by The Sugarhill Gang!
Was going to post this tomorrow, then I remembered I had STOCKTAKE UGH, thus wouldn't have time, thus you get two posts. Lucky!

As for this monstrosity? Shut the hell up, Dani/Marshall is the new OTP. Represent!

TITLE: Traffic Lights
FANDOM(S): Dani Reese/Marshall Mann (Life and My Name is Marshall In Plain Sight)
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, whoevers

Her father hated the way he touched her leg under the table. )

They're just like Christmas, I swear!
Dani fic, from a prompt claimed at [ profile] smallfandomfest. Is it (US) Fall yet?

TITLE: A Mass of Things
FANDOM: Life, Dani Reese
RATING: M-ish. Few swear words, ooh ah.
DISCLAIMER: Rand and cos, not mine.

They broke down her door, yelling her name and his and it sounded like a dream. )

There are still about a zillion prompts at the [ profile] smallfandomfest, so run over and grab a couple, peeps! Join the hell in!

In other Life news, NBC have put up this awesome recap trailer, linked handily here. I could watch that all day, folks, seriously.
Hawksley's got a new album, and one of the tracks made me think of those poor, unfortunate male souls that are a part of my OTPs. Hey, you've gotta kiss a lot of pidgeons before you get a swan, fellas.

TITLE: Kissing Girls You Shouldn't Kiss
FANDOM(S): Charlie Crews (Life), Carlton Lassiter (Psych), Bobby Goren (Criminal Intent), Roman (Life), Tommy Lynley (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries)
RATING: A nice solid M
DISCLAIMER: None of these characters are mine.

What time is is now? )
Hello, hello, hello
It's good to be back

Well. Sorta. Internet is still borked at home, but expected re-joining of online community is tomorrow. Maybe. Maybe.

Still! [ profile] jesshelga & put out a call for Your Favo(u)rite OTP Goes To Target, and the results have been wonderful, amazing, filled with homewares and conservatively priced clothing, all under the one roof.

Here be my contribution - everyone's favourite mismatched duo, Charlie and Dani from Life, in three short Target-y drabbles.

TITLE: The Zen of Target
FANDOM: Life, Dani Reese and Charlie Crews
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Those guy's.

He spotted her in ladies’ wear, coming down the aisle in shoes. )

*pinches their cheeks*
I've decided to set myself a weekly challenge. Every week, I will hit random on Mobo, my Creative Zen, and list the next five songs to come up - regardless of what they are. Then I will use these songs to inspire drabbles/ficlets. Easy, no?

I call this challenge Five Tunes . Because four just wasn't enough. All drabbles have a link to the MP3. It's fic in stereo!

'Let's Dance On' - The Monkees (Juliet/Lassiter, Psych) )

'Jeden Tag Sonntag' - Farin Urlaub (Garret Dillahunt & Tess Harper) )

'Comfort Me' - Shihad (Dani & Charlie, Life) )

'Clearlight' - Cordrazine (Miss Parker/Jarod, The Pretender )

'Don't Get Me Wrong' - The Pretenders (Juliet/Lassiter, Psych) )

Who knows how long this will last, but by golly, it's fun.
On Wednesday, [ profile] pers_pineapple will be re-watching and discussing an episode of Life that leaves me almost catatonic with joy. The episode is, of course, "The Fallen Woman", featuring That Guy Who's Name Rhymes With Carrot as easily one of the best - and most interesting - villains of recent memory, Roman.

And no, I'm not bias.

So in honour of this occasion, and to get any Roman-ish squee out my system so my recap isn't embarrassing for all, I've compiled a little meta picspam to look at why this character has remained on not only my psyche, but the majority of everyone else's, too.

It's Roman, bitch )

Did he need that much meta? No. But Garret's A+ acting just kind of lends itself, y'know?

Don't forget the [ profile] pers_pineapple re-watch, peeps!
A couple of weeks ago, I put up a poll asking who I should make a fanmix for. Many days, changes of track listings and picspams later, I present the winner.

Puzzle With Missing Pieces | Songs for Charlie Crews )

Did you get it? Charlie's free, Zen and zany! BUT. With a dark side. Oh, Charlie.

Permission to collapse into bed with a bung knee? Permission granted!
I saw an old, white lady dressed in full Indian Bollywood attire on the platform opposite mine today, at the train station. The first thing that came into my head was "One day."

What? My subconcious thinks I'm going to be a crazy faux-Bollywood star? Whatev, brain. Ev.

Anyway, here, have some Ted fic I've been writing on my way home.

TITLE: Where Handshakes Are Shared by Strangers
FANDOM: Life, Ted fic
RATING: PG. There's some drug use, but we're all grown ups here.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. That dude's.

'Do you really have a jet?' )

Next time: Ted reads People magazine and dances a jig!
Look, I just had to get this out of my system. Then we can get on with the non-non-shipping, okey dokey?

TITLE: Morning, When Forgiveness Comes
FANDOM: Life, Dani and Roman
RATING: Oh, let's say M. For swearing and stuff.
DISCLAIMER: Of course they're not mine.

The glass is thin, like you could fall straight through it. )

WHAT. I can see you looking at me like that. I can!

I'm going to bed.
I am so in love with Dani Reese, it may actually become a problem in that you're going to get bombarded with famixes and fic until you all yell "JESUS, PIECES, ENOUGH!"

May God's Love Be With You | Songs for Dani Reese )

For those playing at home: this is the version of "In the Sun", by Donna De Lory, that plays at the end of "The Fallen Woman" where we get pensive Charlie, Dani and Roman. Bonus!

x-posted to [ profile] fanmix and [ profile] life_fic, because the Dani-love needs to be spread.
1. I <3 Roman, from "The Fallen Woman".
2. I <3 1980's pop.

Put 'em together and what have you got? A really short, useless fic!

TITLE: Red Line Overload
RATING: LOLtastic, a little bit of sexual situations.
DISCLAIMER: T'ain't mine.

He's listening to 'Footloose' when she gets into the car. )

Poor, fucked up Dani. And I didn't really explain anything, did I. It was all just an excuse for Kenny Loggins and pashing.
It's no sekrit I'm loving Life. [ profile] aj said it best when she said, "Honestly, this is not an amazingly fantastic show. I mean, there are some definite rough spots, but for real? Most of those are blown away for me because of the little character moments that make me jump up and down." So true, lady. So true.

This week's episode killed me, with the partner-development and the coffee scene and the wall scene and WOW. The treatment of music in this show is wonderful, too - see: my journal header, but also the diversity of tracks used. Love it!

And now, for the Non-Shippers, I found myself breaking my Mega Writer's Block by writing...Dani/Charlie! OMG!


TITLE: The Edge Of
FANDOM: Life, Dani/Charlie
DISCLAIMER: T'ain't mine.

'This didn't happen.' )

Bless them. And bless Sarah Shahi for being so cute.


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