TITLE: For Those About To Rock, We Salute You (2/?)
FANDOM: A Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones
RATING: Mature
DISCLAIMER: Dearest GRRM, I am not you. I'm sorry I'm borrowing your babies to make them wear leather pants and have tattoos and sing bad hair rock, but I promise I won't hurt them. They're yours, not mine, but thank you for creating them and letting me put them in bands. No profit is being gained, either. Love, Pieces xoxox

Part One @ DW/LJ | Read it at AO3

2. Problem Child )
This is happening people. Go with it.

TITLE: For Those About To Rock, We Salute You (1/?)
FANDOM: A Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones
RATING: Mature
DISCLAIMER: Dearest GRRM, I am not you. I'm sorry I'm borrowing your babies to make them wear leather pants and have tattoos and sing bad hair rock, but I promise I won't hurt them. They're yours, not mine, but thank you for creating them and letting me put them in bands. No profit is being gained, either. Love, Pieces xoxox

NOTES: You know when an idea hits you and NEVER LEAVES? And every fandom needs a rockband AU, right? It's hard to place this squarely in either in the bookverse or TVverse, because it's a little of both - Spoiler warnings apply for both! The fic is mostly Gen, but pairings will eventually appear.

The fic title and all chapter titles are courtesy of AC/DC. A wanky reference post with discographies and band lineups is here.

With thanks to my tremendous betas, [personal profile] lizbee and [personal profile] theonlytwin; who along with [profile] suburbannoir helped me nut this idea out. Thank you <3 Let's do it!

Read it at AO3.

1. Night of the Long Knives )
I wrote something! It was hard. But necessary, if only to satiate [personal profile] firthgal and my appetite for Shige/Wanko action.

TITLE: The Story You Can't See
FANDOM: Deka Wanko (Hanamori 'Wanko' Ichiko/Shigemura Kanichi)
RATING: R (for sexual situations)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters. If I did, they'd be more fleshed out and kissing a lot more on screen.

There was a set plan to the life he'd thought he'd live. )


Hello, 3:25am! Where did you come from?
Even I don't know why I get inspired by the oddest things.

T (also know as Yoon Mi-Rae and Tasha) is a South Korean/American rapper who I knew nothing about until I was (quite rightly) told off by [personal profile] aj for not including her on a mix of awesome kpop. Since then, I've fallen a bit in love with her and her husband, Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger.

Last week, she released her new single: 'Get It In', which is a part of Intel and Vice Mag's Creator's Project. The clip is fucking ace - part Tarantino homage, part visual art project thanks to Lumpen's involvement, part heartbreaking romance, part Star Wars - and I got inspired to write whatever the hell this is. I know, right?

Actually, on second thought? This shit was always going to be right up my alley.

Watch the clip:

Epic. I just had to write fic. It was necessary. NECESSARY. And I guess this has an A03 tag, so...INSTAFANDOM.

TITLE: We Used To Be Pretenders
FANDOM: Get It Inverse (Yoon Mi-Rae/Tiger JK)
RATING: M (some swearing and violence). This is AU, obviously, and not really RPF.
DISCLAIMER: Like, what. I don't own these people, or the filmclip. They're characters based on real people.

'It's your legacy.' )

Next time: fic based on 'Take on Me' by A-Ha! (not really)

(i've started a fanmix)

(hold me)
piecesofalice: toda erika as toma saya (spec - process)
( Oct. 10th, 2011 08:58 pm)
Dear Doer of Darkness,

What can I say? Thank you for taking on my prompts, and I have no doubt whatsoever that you could write fic or do a vid where everyone stands on their heads and recites the phonetic alphabet backwards and I'd still be happy.

If you'd prefer I were more specific, I am honestly a pretty easy going receipient, all jokes aside. My main no-gos are non-con, extreme out of context violence and women written as side pieces and not the main, ass-kicking focus they are.

Fandom specific:

1. Untouchable
I'd really just like a relationship piece about Ryoko and Takafuji's friendship (or more?) after the events of the show. Just really highlighting what makes them so special - two displaced kids who turned into displaced adults, and how they respond to finding something close to fate.

2. Keizoku 2: SPEC
The question is - what don't I want from SPEC? Again, I'd really like something that shows the Toma/Sebumi relationship - the intrinsic trust, the banterin' and bickerin', the somewhat reluctant UST - that also touches on how broken they both actually are. Extra points if you work in Mayama and Shibata from the original Keizoku, if you've watched it.

3. Trick
Like Untouchable, at last look, no-one had offered Trick and I'm not that surprised. It's not an easy show to write for, but if you suddenly feel the urge to give Ueda and Yamada a go, I'll make you pie and somehow get it to you from here in Australia. I wrote that I wanted a wedding - but what I think I mean was "I want all the stuff that leads up to a wedding". Or, hell, a vid set to 'Does Your Mother Know?' by ABBA. That too.

Thank you again - I can't wait to see what you come up with.

With love and mushies,
Pieces xo
Holy shit I wrote something.

TITLE: And I'll Forget The Rest of Me
FANDOM: IRIS and Athena: Goddess of War. Sun-Hwa-centric.
RATING: M for some sexual situations.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters.

They're barely eighteen, her plain dress stuck to the spokes of her bicycle by the wind -  )

I love them so much, guys. So much.
*shuffles in, sheepishly* Hay guyse.

So. I liked Inception. Thus, of course, my reaction was to write the most obscure RPF ever.

TITLE: White Owls
FANDOM: Inception RPF (Ken Watanabe/Marion Cotillard)
DISCLAIMER: This didn't happen. No, really. It didn't. Honest.

It's not even a page. )

You know you missed me.

Only I would manage to write wanky prose about iCarly. Oh, Pieces.

TITLE: Skeletons
FANDOM: iCarly, futureriffic Sam/Spencer
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, natch. Dan Schneider's the man, yo.

The thing about art is that it's completely subjective. )

Note the pulling teeth reference. It's on my mind, y'know?

*walks away, bleeding from the mouth*
My roommates and a lot of my mates are into Battlestar Galactica. I am currently watching Battlestar Galactica. So of course, I have to find the most obscure pairing in the universe and write them before they eat my noggin.


TITLE: Try To Tranquilize
FANDOM: Battlestar Galactica, Gaius Baltar/Cally Henderson
RATING: R, for some ~sexual~ situations
DISCLAIMER: I'm sure someone owns BSG. It ain't moi.
SPOILERS: Set during 2.04, Resistance.

'You *have* to help him.' )

*Wanders away, eating candy*
So I was attempting to write some fic for the Porn Battle, but due to the heat being the main focus of every Melbournian, including myself, it turned out like this.

TITLE: It's Rilly Hot
FANDOM: Juliet & Lassiter Variety Hour
PROMPT: Juliet/Lassiter, competition


It was a fine day in Santa Barbara, in the middle of a stinking hot summer. Two detectives stood around a squad room.

“Hay, Lassiter,” said the perky blonde one.

“Hay, O'Hara,” said the dour handsome one.

“Should we do some shit? Like, be competitive and stuff?” O'Hara asked, fanning herself with a pamphlet for a Chinese take-out place.

Lassiter shrugged, and took off his shirt. “Too hot. Do it tomorrow.”

“Well,” she replied, in that lazy way you do when you're dying from heat exhaustion, “we could always, y'know, do some porn. In a competitive way.”

Somewhere, someone turned on "Summer in the City" and Richard Beltzer walked past. "Hay," he said.

"Hay," replied everyone.

Then Shawn walked past and was generally annoying. Gus stood beside him and looked awesome, then dragged Shawn away, past Vick who was being underused in her office.

“My cat's breath smells like cat food,” said Buzz from nowhere.

“Awesome,” said That Dude from L.A. Law, who was trying to fish in the police issue fish tank, but the water was boiling from the sun coming through the window. "Who wants boiled guppy?"

“What?” shouted Lassiter, who woke up from a heat nap. Juliet ate an icey pole, and sighed.

“Lassiter. Porn. For the porn battle. Do you want to, like, get in my pants and stuff?”

“Well, we should probably be cute and competitive and...” Lassiter trailed off because the forty degree heat sapped his energy, and he laid on his desk. His partner joined him, sucking on the icey pole in a loud and not-phallic-at-all way.

“Is this sexy? Do you want to try?”

“Oh,” Lassiter said, taking Juliet's icey pole. He attempted to eat it seductively, but ended up gobbling it all in a frenzy - making the desk sticky in the process (note: not in the way you think).

“Ew,” Juliet said, scrunching her nose. “Stuff it, it's too freakin' hot.”

“Yeah. True dat.”

And they sat in the squad room and occasionally complained about how hot it was.


Awesome! It just went from 43 degrees to 42! YES.
Ever get one of those fic bunnies that will never leave you alone, until you write it in desperation on a Sunday night? RPF, completely platonic, about two TV hosts who don't really know each other and are bonded only by a love of food?

No? Oh. Uh. Here, have a fic!

TITLE: Take It Off Your Mind
FANDOM: Top Chef (Padma Lakshmi & Tom Colicchio)
DISCLAIMER: These are real people. I do not own them, natch.

They're stuck in New York, and it's raining. )

BFFs. Totes.
I should have done this seventy years ago, but I was - uh, watching Hannah Montana, probably. Stolen from my flist, it's the...

2008 Year in Fic Meme!
Now with added vids

Fic )

Vids )

Wasn't that fun?
Man, I dunno what the hell this is. The last discharge before my writer's block breaks? A love song to Platonic Detective Partnerz? My clavicle fetish exposed? Whatever.

TITLE: The Collarbone Press
FANDOM: Life, Dani Reese and Charlie Crews
RATING: PG, for a bit of swearing.
DISCLAIMER: Really. Not mine, I promise.

Sometimes she forgets to breathe, and her chest seems to become heavier than she thinks she can handle. )

Tidwell's hair is greasy, y'all.
Ugh, real-life update and a post basically ignoring this week's Psych later. For now - baby fics!

I told [livejournal.com profile] jesshelga a couple of weeks ago that she needed to give me some prompts so I could throw myself back into writing fic. See, I've been having this kind of annoying thing where I am, basically, uninterested in anything. So this is my attempt to get myself excited again.

(New eps of Psych? Not helping. Jack McBrayer? Helping a lot.)

Each cut is the prompt I was given. The J.Helg is a masochist, can you tell?

TITLE: Ein eindeutiger Mangel an Inspiration
FANDOM(S): Psych, Criminal Intent and No Country For Old Men meets RL
RATING: M, for adultness
DISCLAIMER: Not not mine. Except Pieces, I own that superb intellectual property.

Psych, Lassiter/Juliet, ironing board )

Psych, Lassiter/Juliet, loosened tie )

LOCI, Goren/Eames, dawn )

Crossover, Dep. Wendell/Pieces, TEE HEE )

Does the world need a songfic to "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit? No? No? Damn.
I'm watching I Was a Male War Bride at the moment, and there's a scene where Ann Sheridan and Cary Grant are bickering while she's in bed and he's giving her a (very bad) neck massage before she conks out and he (comically) tries to sleep in a chair. Then he wakes up in agony, hops into the bed next to her and she wakes up, chucking a fit before they LOLariously bicker each other to death - and lurve.

It's something I can imagine Juliet and Lassiter doing, and I wish, oh how I wish, I was writing Psych. But, like the most obvious of obvious statements, I'm not - so here. Have some cliche fic (and I promise I'm done spamming with ridiculous squealing for tonight).

TITLE: Four Times Carlton Lassiter & Juliet O'Hara Pretended To Be Married (And One Time They Had To Make-Out To Distract A Perp)
FANDOM: Psych, Juliet O'Hara/Carlton Lassiter
RATING: M-ish, for kissage.
DISCLAIMER: Steve Franks own them. You know it'd be old Hollywood rom-com, all the time under my reign.

On the contrary. )

I love cliche fic. It flows through my veins like love!

EDIT: VDO and William Fichtner being hot and mean partners who get handcuffed together in Strange Days? YSPLS.

EDIT 2: And then VDO spoiler spoilerton ) YEAH STRANGE DAYS, YOU'RE THE BOMB. And, ugh. Still one of the best OTP ending scenes ever. Makes me bawl everytime, loser I am. Bless.
Oh, zany personal canon where Dani and Marshall were together and happy. How I love thee.

Little quick Dani fic, then I'm finished for today. I promise.

TITLE: Dedication
FANDOM(S): Dani Reese (Dani/Marshall, with a hint of Dani/Charlie) (Life & My Name is Marshall)
DISCLAIMER: Not not mine.

'You dedicated a song to me.' )

Coming soon - a fic based on "Apache" by The Sugarhill Gang!
Was going to post this tomorrow, then I remembered I had STOCKTAKE UGH, thus wouldn't have time, thus you get two posts. Lucky!

As for this monstrosity? Shut the hell up, Dani/Marshall is the new OTP. Represent!

TITLE: Traffic Lights
FANDOM(S): Dani Reese/Marshall Mann (Life and My Name is Marshall In Plain Sight)
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, whoevers

Her father hated the way he touched her leg under the table. )

They're just like Christmas, I swear!
Dani fic, from a prompt claimed at [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest. Is it (US) Fall yet?

TITLE: A Mass of Things
FANDOM: Life, Dani Reese
RATING: M-ish. Few swear words, ooh ah.
DISCLAIMER: Rand and cos, not mine.

They broke down her door, yelling her name and his and it sounded like a dream. )

There are still about a zillion prompts at the [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest, so run over and grab a couple, peeps! Join the hell in!

In other Life news, NBC have put up this awesome recap trailer, linked handily here. I could watch that all day, folks, seriously.
Hawksley's got a new album, and one of the tracks made me think of those poor, unfortunate male souls that are a part of my OTPs. Hey, you've gotta kiss a lot of pidgeons before you get a swan, fellas.

TITLE: Kissing Girls You Shouldn't Kiss
FANDOM(S): Charlie Crews (Life), Carlton Lassiter (Psych), Bobby Goren (Criminal Intent), Roman (Life), Tommy Lynley (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries)
RATING: A nice solid M
DISCLAIMER: None of these characters are mine.

What time is is now? )
Hello, hello, hello
It's good to be back

Well. Sorta. Internet is still borked at home, but expected re-joining of online community is tomorrow. Maybe. Maybe.

Still! [livejournal.com profile] jesshelga & put out a call for Your Favo(u)rite OTP Goes To Target, and the results have been wonderful, amazing, filled with homewares and conservatively priced clothing, all under the one roof.

Here be my contribution - everyone's favourite mismatched duo, Charlie and Dani from Life, in three short Target-y drabbles.

TITLE: The Zen of Target
FANDOM: Life, Dani Reese and Charlie Crews
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Those guy's.

He spotted her in ladies’ wear, coming down the aisle in shoes. )

*pinches their cheeks*


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