There's a Japanese drama called Trick. If we've talked in the past six months, I've probably mentioned it or you've seen the 2389298392 posts I've made about it on Tumblr. We discovered it whilst in Japan over the New Year, and something - whatever it is - called to me, and I now easily rank it in my top 5 shows of all time.

I can't be eloquent about it, guys. I just really fucking love it.

It's not an easy show to watch - I often don't suggest it when people ask for drama recommendations, because it really runs between the absurd, to the emotional, to the whatthefuck and back again. It can even be hard work in places, especially in season three - but I'll talk about that in the actual post.

But, for all it's faults; for some reason, it just clicks with me. It's got all the things I love in a drama - odd couple, banterin' and bickerin', bizarre events that have nothing to do with anything, a car that acts like a pet, a female character who possibly could be based on me and chemistry that's hits it so far out of the ballpark, it's practically in the next postcode.

I'm going to make a vlog for Lost in Omo! this weekend, and a proper pimp post - but until then, enjoy a selection of music about my favourite out of work magician and repressed physicist.

SOME OLD-FASHIONED WAY | Songs For The Magician & The Physicist )

That's basically how I feel right now.
As you've probably noticed, I've recently become quite enamoured with Korean pop culture. A lot of this piggy backs on my ~life decision~ to learn another language, but there is a fair amount of LOLZ involved as well. Natch.

Korean pop music - kpop if you're nasty - is. How do I say this...manufactured. Cheesy. Sweet. Amazingly produced. Different. On the curve. Off the curve. A million other adjectives that all lead to one acronym - and say it with me - LOL. It doesn't take its self seriously, which I like. And it's really, really pretty.

A good majority of kpop is shit, but under the crap are great examples of the Hallyu Wave, a cultural phenomenon that helps to highlight Korean pop culture as something more than just that stuff tweens buy. Genuinely interesting production and bubblepop-electric styling help kpop to stand out from the crowd - and I thought I'd make a little mixtape to showcase some of the music that is contributing to the Wave.

Some of it are the idols - miss A, TVXQ!, the YG Family, Brown Eyed Girls et al - some is K(orean)indie, some is undefinable. But these are the tracks that made me sit up and take notice of an industry that has its faults (and how!), but is trying to push the envelope in its own brightly coloured way.

You're not going to find a helluva lot of depth here. But you're sure going to have fun.

A BRAND NEW SCENE | Kpop For Discerning Adults )

Not deep, and probably not for discerning adults, but that's pop at its finest, right? Put it on your stereo, turn it up and have fun.

My darling [personal profile] firthgal has had a hard couple of days, so I thought I'd make a little fanmix to cheer her up. Except most of the music is wistful and bittersweet and kind of depressing - but if that's not our favourite North Koreans in a nutshell, I don't know what is.


Man I love making fanmixes. I hope you feel better, [personal profile] firthgal! <3333

(This one also goes out to my watcher-in-crime, [profile] suburbannoir, who probably will kick me for using The National.)

And everyone else? Just enjoy the two BAMFiest BAMFs who ever BAMFed:

Christmas present time! [ profile] jesshelga asked for her "scrappy three-song [Goren and Eames] list" to be completed, and I complied.

Probably not with as much soppiness, but eh. It's Christmas! Note about the ~wanky~ format: with Goren and Eames, I often find the dictionary and one-word sentences sum them up the best - thus the collaboration with Merriam Webster's website. That, and I like words, yo.

Merry Christmas, J.Helg! Enjoy it, or else. Scary music plays

Everything Is Simple Now | A Modern G&E Mix )

Who else hates the dictionary and me now? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Remember that time Juliet O'Hara went undercover as a roller derby girl?

Lobby music plays

Uh. Where was I? Oh. Yes. *clears throat* In association with my gay crush on Maggie Lawson and Mobo, please to be listening to this mix.

Roller Derby Daze - Maniac's Undercover Mixtape )

A couple of weeks ago, I put up a poll asking who I should make a fanmix for. Many days, changes of track listings and picspams later, I present the winner.

Puzzle With Missing Pieces | Songs for Charlie Crews )

Did you get it? Charlie's free, Zen and zany! BUT. With a dark side. Oh, Charlie.

Permission to collapse into bed with a bung knee? Permission granted!
Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting [ profile] jesshelga's Christmas gift-mix - now with 100% more crazy facial hair!

Circle Sky | Songs for Silas Adams )

Added Extra: The Silas Theme Song I Couldn't Possibly Justify on This Mix!

You know it's true.

I hope you love it, Jessie. Merry Christmas!

And I am aware I spelt Led Zeppelin wrong on the back cover OKAY.
I am so in love with Dani Reese, it may actually become a problem in that you're going to get bombarded with famixes and fic until you all yell "JESUS, PIECES, ENOUGH!"

May God's Love Be With You | Songs for Dani Reese )

For those playing at home: this is the version of "In the Sun", by Donna De Lory, that plays at the end of "The Fallen Woman" where we get pensive Charlie, Dani and Roman. Bonus!

x-posted to [ profile] fanmix and [ profile] life_fic, because the Dani-love needs to be spread.
Me: "I'm bored, what should I do today?"
[ profile] bantha_fodder: "Totes make a Lyle fanmix!"
Me: "OKAI."

Lethal and Young - The Mister Lyle Mix )

Ah. A mix as schitzophrenic as the man that inspired it.
You know what "Little Tragedies - A Goren+Eames Fanmix" needs? A SEQUEL. With a similar title!

Now with 70% more fluff!

Miniature Disasters - A Goren+Eames Fanmix, Volume 2 )

HOW 'SHIPPY WAS THAT. I think I've had a shot of fluffy bunny baby toys into my blood stream or something.

x-posted to that [ profile] fanmix place and [ profile] goren_n_eames
I've been sitting on this for a while - and now, I post it.

Celebrating the friendship/romance/partnership (whatever your poison) of Detectives Robert Goren and Alex Eames. It's a little wangsty, a little zany, a little sly, a little all over the place and a lot wistful; but for such a varied and interesting partnership, would you expect anything less?

Don't expect great insights, however. I just ain't that bird. To me, these songs just sound and feel like them - and I hope you enjoy them like I have. Download link after song information.

Little Tragedies - The Goren+Eames Mix )

Okay, that ended up being rather Goren-centric, didn't it. Huh.

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