Remember that time I wasn't [ profile] bantha_fodder's bitch? She requested "FIVE WAYS JMP MEET VILLAINS FROM GOTHAM GO."

Title: Five Ways Jarod and Miss Parker Meet Villians From Gotham
Fandom: The Pretender/DC-Verse (Batman)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Those other peoples. Don't sue. And shit.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. )

Ooh, er, I have Hawksley to watch and New Moon to read. WHAT TO DO.
Hello. I'm [ profile] piecesofalice.

And I'm a Harley Quinn/Batman 'shipper.

"Hi, Piecesof!"

Not to say they're exactly a pairing you can 'ship, per se, but I love the idea of their dynamic and wow, hot, wow. So I wrote this to make [ profile] bantha_fodder go "LOL OMG", and she did, and now you can read it too.

Title: Glass
Fandom: Batman, Harley Quinn/Batman
Rating: Uh...M?
Disclaimer: DC's, not mine.

She was beautiful like glass. )

In other news: I got a Norrington action figure in the mail today. Expect my housemates to tease me unrationably. And my fic for the [ profile] vote_petrelli Fic-a-thon is finished, with less than twenty-four hours to go.

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( Oct. 3rd, 2006 10:14 pm)
I'm rushing off to bed now, but I have to link you to the best. Vid. Ever. [ profile] weaverandom told me about it a hundred years ago, but she gave me the best present by showing it to me.

Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd?


No doubt, every DC nerd has seen it. But to you, my SPN fangirls, here it is.

"Hello Mr. Zebra" by [ profile] monkeycrackmary

I'm so writing Supernatural/DC crossovers now. Harley/Dean! After my Miss Parker/Bruce Wayne. And Criminal Intent/The Pretender. And...


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