Christmas present time! [ profile] jesshelga asked for her "scrappy three-song [Goren and Eames] list" to be completed, and I complied.

Probably not with as much soppiness, but eh. It's Christmas! Note about the ~wanky~ format: with Goren and Eames, I often find the dictionary and one-word sentences sum them up the best - thus the collaboration with Merriam Webster's website. That, and I like words, yo.

Merry Christmas, J.Helg! Enjoy it, or else. Scary music plays

Everything Is Simple Now | A Modern G&E Mix )

Who else hates the dictionary and me now? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Ugh, real-life update and a post basically ignoring this week's Psych later. For now - baby fics!

I told [ profile] jesshelga a couple of weeks ago that she needed to give me some prompts so I could throw myself back into writing fic. See, I've been having this kind of annoying thing where I am, basically, uninterested in anything. So this is my attempt to get myself excited again.

(New eps of Psych? Not helping. Jack McBrayer? Helping a lot.)

Each cut is the prompt I was given. The J.Helg is a masochist, can you tell?

TITLE: Ein eindeutiger Mangel an Inspiration
FANDOM(S): Psych, Criminal Intent and No Country For Old Men meets RL
RATING: M, for adultness
DISCLAIMER: Not not mine. Except Pieces, I own that superb intellectual property.

Psych, Lassiter/Juliet, ironing board )

Psych, Lassiter/Juliet, loosened tie )

LOCI, Goren/Eames, dawn )

Crossover, Dep. Wendell/Pieces, TEE HEE )

Does the world need a songfic to "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit? No? No? Damn.
Hawksley's got a new album, and one of the tracks made me think of those poor, unfortunate male souls that are a part of my OTPs. Hey, you've gotta kiss a lot of pidgeons before you get a swan, fellas.

TITLE: Kissing Girls You Shouldn't Kiss
FANDOM(S): Charlie Crews (Life), Carlton Lassiter (Psych), Bobby Goren (Criminal Intent), Roman (Life), Tommy Lynley (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries)
RATING: A nice solid M
DISCLAIMER: None of these characters are mine.

What time is is now? )
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( Oct. 21st, 2007 05:37 pm)

[ profile] jenncho used her Knights of Prosperity to little prosperity:

[ profile] baggers thought she'd use a lil' puff-n-stuff:



[ profile] piecesofalice - Danger Zone
[ profile] jenncho - Looking For Freedom
[ profile] piecesofalice - My Humps
[ profile] jenncho - Milkshake
[ profile] piecesofalice - Come on Eileen
[ profile] baggers - Manic Monday
[ profile] loisarah - Buddy Holly
[ profile] jenncho - The Knights of Prosperity
[ profile] baggers - Puff the Magic Dragon
Oh yes, ladies and...ladies. It's season seven, it's a premiere, it's a new channel its...

Law and Order: Criminal Intent Episode Round-Up!

(For the episode "Amends" or, "The One Where Katie Erbe Won at Canon and Broke a Fandom")

Don't cry, Eames - it's image heavy and shit quality, but we still love you. )

Seriously, Now. )

Oh man. That took THREE HOURS to code. How long do these things keep getting, seriously?!
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( Oct. 7th, 2007 09:15 pm)
So. [ profile] jenncho thought she'd use her milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard in the race for the Best New CI Theme music?


[ profile] piecesofalice - Danger Zone
[ profile] jenncho - Looking For Freedom
[ profile] piecesofalice - My Humps
[ profile] jenncho - Milkshake
Okay. [ profile] jenncho's submission for the new CI theme:

That was wonderful. Classy, moody and Hoff-filled. But! I present! MY RETALIATION SUBMISSION:


Vincent squinted at the computer screen. "Do you think they're trying to say something about, uh, my..."

"Fuck yeah, bitch! They're sayin' you fat, and not in the fuckin' P-H-A-T way, mofo!" screamed Chris Noth.

Katie rolled her eyes, and tried to back away, but Chris stopped her.

"Hey Pretty Lady, wanna show The Noth your lady fuckin' lumps?"

Luckily, she'd learnt karate in an earlier post.

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( Oct. 6th, 2007 04:42 pm)
I'm getting Ye Olde Cappage of Amends going, but in the meantime, I thought I'd give the biggest uproar from the season finale a lookin' to.

Yes, the theme song is different. It's epic and urban and classy and there's some kick ass beats. But still, I feel we could have lead them around to another song, with all these things, and Kenny Loggins to boot.

I present to you: Pieces' vote for THE NEW CRIMINAL INTENT THEME SONG!

The danger! The zone! The danger zone! Any other suggestions?
She's a little late, but Franny's here. For [ profile] baggers.

Previously, Franny said "freakin'" a lot and generally walked into trouble. Goren and Eames were married and everyone LOLed.

TITLE: The Fantastically Flawed Adventures of Franny Goren [3/?]
FANDOM: Future!Criminal Intent
RATING: I'd say "WTF", but really, PG
DISCLAIMER: Dick Wolf's, not mine.

The original fic | First part | Second part

I've never done the pile-of-pillows-moulded-to-look-like-a-body thing. )

It's very much the 22nd here, so...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] familyarchives!!

I bought you things and wrote you fic.

Title: Dance Hall Days
Fandom: Criminal Intent, Past!Fic

She was dancing, around in a circle. )

Happy Birthday, A. ILU.
Because she's mentioned here and because me, [ profile] familyarchives and plenty of other people had a shit day, here be some new Franny.

God, I love writing this. It's so young adult, so fun and free. No angst for Franny!

First cracktastic part here.

TITLE: The Fantastically Flawed Adventures of Franny Goren [2/?]
FANDOM: Future!Criminal Intent
RATING: I'd say "WTF", but really, PG
DISCLAIMER: Dick Wolf's, not mine.

It's breakfast time at the Goren household. )

Aw, man, I love it. So lame! So awesome!
Stolen Borrowed from TheReelBlog:

I don't know what's funnier - Katie's obvious attempt at height with bad late 1990's platforms, or the fact they look like they're about to give a cow some help deliverin' a calf, down at the farm.

YAY RENEWED! To think, six seasons ago they all dressed like hicks, VDO was thin, Jamie Sheridan had a career and TODD didn't exist. I love you, Criminal Intent.
So I downloaded Paris Enquêtes Criminelles - otherwise known as The French Version of Criminal Intent - Now With More Berets!.

And I LOVE IT. I have no idea what they are saying, BUT I LOVE IT. I love La Eames and Le Goren, and even the fact it's a complete and utter remake down to the Goren Head Tilt and Eames' "Oh, Goren" Face.

Look! Do they have their roles down OR WHAT. Let's look at this wonderfully bizarre excuse for Dick Wolf to get more money closer.

Maison, er, croissant le fille un je suis? )

I can feel the following coming on:

a) crossover fic where Eames and Goren eat bread sticks, and
b) RPF where the French stars visit and Perez is all over Katie and VDO gets full jealous and hello.

Stop me. No. Really.
Quick fic: this was orginally conceived as a fic for [ profile] atlashrugged's birthday, but I never really found the right thread for it, sadly. Until today, when watching Oprah sometimes brings on the weirdest plot bunnies.

TITLE: The Emptiness of Full Boxes
FANDOM: Law and Order: Criminal Intent
DISCLAIMER: Dick Wolf's, yo.

Alex doesn't spend much time at home. )

I love Oprah.
I may have been distracted by Pendulum Bits, thanks [ profile] atlashrugged, but I'll try my best to recall what I can.


And now, a poll.

[Poll #978516]

These results will be taken back in time to when they filmed the final G/E ep and put in Dick Wolf's pastrami sandwich for him to digest in a timely fashion.
UM, [ profile] yumpops RULEZ FOR FINDING THIS:



Don't make me go 'shippy on yo' asses. But they're play fighting. Ded. DED! You are my queen, [ profile] yumpops.

Now, to make icons!
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( Mar. 8th, 2007 07:59 pm)
Text message from [ profile] lizbee:
Did you know VDO has quit?

(supposed to be working)
(races to telephone, pushing customers over)

Luckily, Liz was able to pull up The Reel Blog, and life was okay. Dude. I didn't think I was that out of the loop.

You can read the story that caused the freak out here. Oh,, you so zany.
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( Feb. 19th, 2007 04:56 pm)
I made this for [ profile] jenncho last week, and forgot to post it for all of you as well:

WHEN CAPTAIN BITCH, PLEASE MET TODD. It's the romantic comedy of the year!

Re: CI - all the clips for "Brother's Keeper"? Make me so happy I could just DIE. Hobo!Brother! Eames' face! Goren looking *SAD*! Ma Goren in a wig!

I'm excited, people.
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( Feb. 14th, 2007 08:01 pm)
I have been staring at this for the better part of an hour, both appalled and hypnotised.


I like his MC Hammer pants. Stop! Goren time!
My first piece in the [ profile] heroes50. Way to go, with the slow-ass-ness, Pieces.

Title: "What Doesn't Kill Us"
Prompt: #5: Destroy
Character: Nathan Petrelli and Niki Sanders (Heroes)
Rating: PG
Word Count: Not many
Spoilers: Up to "Run!"
Disclaimer: KRING, KRING "Hello, this is Tim Kring. Piecesof is aware these characters are mine and not hers. So no suing from me to her. Bye!"
Summary: AU. Plays on the idea of the Future!Heroes - if they didn't save Claire and the whole bloody world collapsed.

she's got another little hole in her heart )


Now...the EPISODE RUNDOWN! (for Criminal Intent and Heroes, anyway)

Criminal Intent, "Albatross" (or, The One With the WTF Teaser) )

Heroes, "Run!" (Or, The One Where Sylar and Mohinder Planned Their Road Trip) )


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