Christmas present time! [ profile] jesshelga asked for her "scrappy three-song [Goren and Eames] list" to be completed, and I complied.

Probably not with as much soppiness, but eh. It's Christmas! Note about the ~wanky~ format: with Goren and Eames, I often find the dictionary and one-word sentences sum them up the best - thus the collaboration with Merriam Webster's website. That, and I like words, yo.

Merry Christmas, J.Helg! Enjoy it, or else. Scary music plays

Everything Is Simple Now | A Modern G&E Mix )

Who else hates the dictionary and me now? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Christmas present post number three: [ profile] aj, come on down!

She wanted Barbara and Tommy from The Inspector Lynley Mysteries at home. And I, being a Santa Claus-type (sans beard and red suit), obliged.

TITLE: Salvation By Ordinary Objects
FANDOM: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Tommy/Barbara
RATING: PG. It's Christmas!
DISCLAIMER: Not-not mine, not-not mine.

'Did you take the video back?' )

Now I unpack my bag and think of horrible work tomorrow, all while wearing a t-shirt and shortie underpants. Sigh. Merry Christmas, A.j.!

I'm not really here - after a week of having no internet thanks to cyclones off the Mackay coast, I have to leave today for Brisbane. Sigh. But! I have (highly delayed) Christmas presents to post! Then a plane to catch! I miss you all! Insert general squeeling about my favourites here!


For [ profile] jesshelga.

TITLE: Ev'ry Glance, Into The Sun
FANDOM: Deadwood, Joanie Stubbs/Silas Adams
RATING: MA, for your regular whorin' and swearin'.
DISCLAIMER: Vollmilch's, not mine.

Joanie Stubbs sits on the end of her bed and looks out the window. )

And now, I pack. Coming soon, presents for other people and a post about cookies!
Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting [ profile] jesshelga's Christmas gift-mix - now with 100% more crazy facial hair!

Circle Sky | Songs for Silas Adams )

Added Extra: The Silas Theme Song I Couldn't Possibly Justify on This Mix!

You know it's true.

I hope you love it, Jessie. Merry Christmas!

And I am aware I spelt Led Zeppelin wrong on the back cover OKAY.


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