Remember that time I wasn't [ profile] bantha_fodder's bitch? She requested "FIVE WAYS JMP MEET VILLAINS FROM GOTHAM GO."

Title: Five Ways Jarod and Miss Parker Meet Villians From Gotham
Fandom: The Pretender/DC-Verse (Batman)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Those other peoples. Don't sue. And shit.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. )

Ooh, er, I have Hawksley to watch and New Moon to read. WHAT TO DO.
Hello. I'm [ profile] piecesofalice.

And I'm a Harley Quinn/Batman 'shipper.

"Hi, Piecesof!"

Not to say they're exactly a pairing you can 'ship, per se, but I love the idea of their dynamic and wow, hot, wow. So I wrote this to make [ profile] bantha_fodder go "LOL OMG", and she did, and now you can read it too.

Title: Glass
Fandom: Batman, Harley Quinn/Batman
Rating: Uh...M?
Disclaimer: DC's, not mine.

She was beautiful like glass. )

In other news: I got a Norrington action figure in the mail today. Expect my housemates to tease me unrationably. And my fic for the [ profile] vote_petrelli Fic-a-thon is finished, with less than twenty-four hours to go.



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