Before I recap the season finale properly, I have a seriously letter to write. I know, right? From me, and everything!



10th April 2009

Dear Life Fandom, Rand & Co. and TPTB,

Hey. I just watched "One". I'm cool with the Roman thing (you know), but I'll be a bit cranky if Garret's out of two jobs this season.

Actually, do you have a minute? I have something to tell you. )

Is that Zen? Probably not. But I'd love to keep learning what is, with Charlie and Dani, side-by-side.

Yours in eloquence and potentially non-obvious rage,
Ms. Pieces O. Alice
My (phantom) teeth are keeping me up, so I thought I would recap Life. It didn't happen, but this did - some-what of a prologue to a real tribute.

(Or here if Imeem's being a bitch.)

Oh, Show. I wish I knew why I was so damn sad.


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