Oh gosh, I cut it fine with my Kaleidoscope signup by an hour. Like a boss. Now - down to business!

Dear Doer of Darkness,

Thank you in advance for whatever magnificent wonderment you're about to send my way. I appreciate you taking the time to write for my prompts, and have no doubt I'll be ecstatic with anything you send my way.

My major no-gos are: non-con, unnecessary violence, women being treated badly, like they're incompetent, or anything else that shows them to be anything but bad-ass. Plot-what-plot is okay, but as long as there's something of the characterisation in there.

I (embarrassingly) love partners bantering and bickering, bad domestic fluff (especially if there's babies) (or fake marriages) (but only if it makes sense and is in character), ladies f***ing s--t up and taking names and late-night talks in odd places. For the fanvidders, I love vids set to Hawksley Workman songs. I'm easy to please.

More specifically!

1. Keizoku 2: SPEC
Toma and Sebumi watering the garden would be fine by me. If gardening is not your thing, I'd love something that showed their lives away from each other in the year Sebumi was off being a monk, or what their life could be away from everything shown in the series. I've always wanted to read fic where Toma and Sebumi move into a relationship (as much as these two could) and how Chii influences that, in all the good ways and bad. Basically, gardening fic or maybe them baking and yelling at each other would be fine by me. Vidders, I'd be happy with anything, especially a series-as-a-whole vid.

2. Keizoku
I'd like pretty much the same for Shibata and Mayama as I would like for the SPEC Kids. Their life together after the series ends, how Shibata rose in the police force as Mayama became like, an aquarium salesman - anything really. If you're feeling mucho ambitious, I'd love an Aya/Madarame fic - but that may be a can of "are they alive/aren't they?" that you may not want to open. Vid-wise, the same sort of suggestions I listed for SPEC.

3. Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus
Why isn't there a fandom for this?! Creepy night time circus, ominous ringmaster, beautiful women stuck in some triple ring limbo - ugh. I love Sunny Hill, and their comeback was everything a girl would want from her kpop. A fic exploring the origins of the Midnight Circus, and how the Accordion Player fell in with them would be great, but I'd also love something that dives into the odd mirror-based relationship between Jang-hyun the Ringmaster and Seung-Ah:

Why is he in her head? Is he real? Is she? Why am I so into a kpop video? I don't know - all I know is that I want fic, man.

4. Strawberry Night
I'm not sure anyone will sign up to write this, which is a shame as it's one of the best Japanese procedurals I've seen in a long time. The chemistry, the story, Himekawa's team in general - it's just fantastic, and I recommend it if you've not seen it. I'd love fic that is about the team; partner fic; healing fic set to Coldplay's 'Fix You' (okay maybe not) - gen or Himekawa/Kikuta is most welcome. I also welcome anything that delves into Himekawa's past, and Kikuta find out about it, but I understand that this wouldn't be an idea for everyone.

5. Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato
Have you ever thought to yourself, "why am I so invested in a drama about an Heiress and Butler who solve crime?" Probably not, but that's pretty much my train of thought for a good hunk of this year. Fic about Kageyama and Reiko's relationship - bickering, making up (bonus points for ~in the bedroom~), their progression from employee/employer - anything is welcome. Bonus points for Reiko being the competent police offer I know she can be, but the writers sadly don't. Vid-wise, a vid set to '10,000 Nights of Thunder' by Alphabeat would be ace.


That's it! If you have questions about pairings, song choices, why I'm so into a stupid show about an Heiress and Butler, please feel free to ask anon or however you'd like. Thank you again - I hope you have fun writing/vidding :) Happy Kaleidoscope!

Pieces xoxox

PS: Can't guarantee I'll have an answer to the Nazotoki question. It's a mystery.


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