Dear Doer of Darkness,

What can I say? Thank you for taking on my prompts, and I have no doubt whatsoever that you could write fic or do a vid where everyone stands on their heads and recites the phonetic alphabet backwards and I'd still be happy.

If you'd prefer I were more specific, I am honestly a pretty easy going receipient, all jokes aside. My main no-gos are non-con, extreme out of context violence and women written as side pieces and not the main, ass-kicking focus they are.

Fandom specific:

1. Untouchable
I'd really just like a relationship piece about Ryoko and Takafuji's friendship (or more?) after the events of the show. Just really highlighting what makes them so special - two displaced kids who turned into displaced adults, and how they respond to finding something close to fate.

2. Keizoku 2: SPEC
The question is - what don't I want from SPEC? Again, I'd really like something that shows the Toma/Sebumi relationship - the intrinsic trust, the banterin' and bickerin', the somewhat reluctant UST - that also touches on how broken they both actually are. Extra points if you work in Mayama and Shibata from the original Keizoku, if you've watched it.

3. Trick
Like Untouchable, at last look, no-one had offered Trick and I'm not that surprised. It's not an easy show to write for, but if you suddenly feel the urge to give Ueda and Yamada a go, I'll make you pie and somehow get it to you from here in Australia. I wrote that I wanted a wedding - but what I think I mean was "I want all the stuff that leads up to a wedding". Or, hell, a vid set to 'Does Your Mother Know?' by ABBA. That too.

Thank you again - I can't wait to see what you come up with.

With love and mushies,
Pieces xo


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