Before I recap the season finale properly, I have a seriously letter to write. I know, right? From me, and everything!



10th April 2009

Dear Life Fandom, Rand & Co. and TPTB,

Hey. I just watched "One". I'm cool with the Roman thing (you know), but I'll be a bit cranky if Garret's out of two jobs this season.

Actually, do you have a minute?

It's funny - I've been absent from Life fandom for most of this season due to real-life and all it's lovely surprises. Still, this show feels like I've loved it forever, like a comfy blanket-show that I know I can tune into and it won't let me down (for the most part - I love you, Tidwell, but. Y'know.).

I don't have an OTP, really (unless the 'P' is for 'Partnerzzz'. Not-not-shipping, y'know?). I have an overwhelming love for all the characters, for the way they're written and portrayed, and I rarely have a complaint about the way the season goes. Sure, season two left a lot to be desired. But I stuck with it, because I figured there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's funny because it's only really been 30-odd episodes, one and a half seasons - still, it means as much to me as Criminal Intent or anything else I've invested myself in during my long, long days of media consumption.

Watching the season finale tonight, a cuppa in hand and an Easter bunny waiting to be devoured on the coffee table, I felt this horrible, achy feeling like I was having something truly special taken from me. I felt this awful realisation that I'll never see Bobby make detective, I'll never see Dani sit her sergeant's test. Ted'll get Olivia, sure - but we won't see it, same as we won't see Rachel accept her lot in life or pine after the father she knew but didn't.

And I'll - and the rest of the amazing friends I have found through this fandom - never get to see the awkward, wry, all encompassing partnership/relationship/friendship of Charlie and Dani again. We won't see it develop and turn and change and just be, despite a final few seconds in the finale that seemed to say everything with no words at all.

And that kills me.

It's just a TV show, Pieces. I know that. But it's a show that, like a lot of programs in recent times, deserves a lot better than what it's getting. Maybe it's too smart, or quirky, or "out there". Maybe it falls in line with Wonderfalls and Pushing Daises and people just don't get it. Maybe NBC sucked with it's promotion, or maybe the fanbase wasn't as violent as, say, Firefly's, and maybe we should have been sending fruit baskets and The 12 Steps of Zen to the doors of NBC/Universal.

If it's not renewed - and I truly, honestly believe it should be - we will not get to see Charlie offer Dani some weird fruit with Bobby smirking in the background with Ted, his arms crossed and his head high. We'll lose the music and the hilarious cases, we'll lose forty minutes of truly innovative and interesting television, and that's a real shame.

But what we got to see remains to be some of the best television I've seen in my twenty-six years, and a universe I plan to stay in for as long as I can. Through fic, through comms and the friends I have in the fandom, maybe that's the only way Life can stay alive - but I believe that it deserves another season to truly find it's feet and prove it's worthiness in a television schedule that can be tedious at best.

I have faith in Rand and co., but maybe not the networks, which is normal. That said, I'm well and truly open for them to shock me and renew Life - sell it to USA, throw it to HBO, whatever. I want them to shock my cynical pants off and make me grin from ear to ear. I want to wear an NBC pin and say "I support NBC-U and it's financial decisions! Keep watchin', folks!" I want to be a sell-out, for once, if it lets our little fandom have a slice of Life again.

I'm only one girl, but I know many more, and maybe they'll add their letters to this one. Maybe our loud voices but lack of Nielsen boxes may count for something, and may count towards something bigger.

Is that Zen? Probably not. But I'd love to keep learning what is, with Charlie and Dani, side-by-side.

Yours in eloquence and potentially non-obvious rage,
Ms. Pieces O. Alice
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